A Better Sense for Sens … Wait, Hold On —


          My thoughts on the second part of Davies’ Sense & Sensibility, aired finally tonight nine-ish, can pretty readily be summarized with Ooooops! Having packed, moved, stored, and cleaned all day, fueled by a sliver of cookie dough and a bowl of cereal, I–even though I was so very much looking forward to the conclusion of this adaptation–fell asleep on the couch. While I think I was up in time for the last thirty minutes, my room-mate already had picked up my slack and turned the channel. For several moments I watched groggily some mid-nineties’ Alice in Wonderland.

          So …, I guess I really don’t have anything to blog about. Instead, Ellen Moody–whom I have had the pleasure of citing in numerous papers under tremendous stress!–guest-blogged on Jane Austen Today, and I will edit this post with other links as the bloggers finish up their thoughts (rife with spoilers!) on the S&S08 conclusion – which, of course, I can’t read. Argh!


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