A Bit Diverting, This One


I wanted to write briefly just to exercise the right. For a liberating week and a half, I went – (was forced to go) – without internet. While I fully intend to continue my pseudo-series on [predominately] Writing [fantasy], I thought I might declare proudly and without shame that I am throwing “As I Read Them” to the wind. First – tediom: reading a chapter then writing my thoughts on it got pretty old; second – losing the race: I was writing about The Gunslinger, and in the week and a half since I’ve killed it, returned it to the library, and moved on three times. However, I am on Book 3 of The Dark Tower series now, so I very much plan to write a little about Book 2 – but just not chapter by chapter by chapter.

Also, I thought I’d record some progress since we last met. I have written a fifteen-pager loosely-but-comically titled “The Thirty Minute Dangle-Dance” about a Hangman in a surreal Wild West. I wrote a couple short-shorts about the haunted and overgrown places in small (small) towns called “Ol’ John Grim” and “Jody Kelly,” and I am excessively diverted – which I think I will categorize this entry. I have gotten through Part One of my Doranchorn scratch-draft, which is about thirty handwritten pages smothered in sticky-notes and gloss and character bubbles – the first draft tends to be double or triple that, so I am pleased; but, more on what I call “Scratch-Drafts” later. And The Goblin Market is just sitting there making me feel guilty. 


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