The Irregulars in the Service of Sherlock Holmes


It ain’t quite elementary, my dear Wiggins. What we all pretty much associate with the deer-hatted sleuth shan’t ever ‘gain be taken for granted, ay guv’nor? Rather, Reaves and Altman’s bizartistry designates all that logic stuff to the dull sepia tones of adulthood. The world of these colorful bunch of kids is ironically just black and white, which — if you’re so inclined to read too deeply into stuff — portends bleak things for their comings-of-age. It’s Whitechapel 1888, after all.

I haven’t had the time to update my blog lately, but I was recently become staffed by Chris Wilson at The Graphic Classroom reviewing comics and graphic novels from the perspective of a librarian, considering among other things age appropriateness and suchlike. Read my review of The Irregulars in the Service of Sherlock Holmes in full and patron this seriously rad and necessary blog.


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  1. I’m drinking tea!
    Hey, looks like a pretty sweet gig. If you’re looking for an interesting “Graphic novel” to review, I’d check out “Superman’s Metropolis” or “The Blue Amazon”, both which are illustrated with an interesting flair by Ted McKeever.

  2. Oh yes,
    if you are looking for an interesting Sherlock Holmes comic, I forgot that the Eclipso series #7 (I think it is either #7 or #8) has a pretty interesting story featuring Holmes versus DC’s incarnate of Evil – Eclipso!

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