Saturday’s Austenolatry in Gainesville


Saturday’s Jane Austen Society in Gainesville’s Tower Branch Public Library was exciting and went well. Given the summertimeliness of it all (and I suspect the relative unpopularity of Jane’s Sanditon) the turnout was cozy, but it was as right as Baby Bear’s porridge for Me-the-Newcomer. Hosted as High Tea by University of Florida’s [graduate?] student Amy Robinson, the demographics were varied in age but predominately feminine – which was just fine for me. The other male was a gentle geriatric named Jim, and so I couldn’t help but feel a tad virile.

I was flattered by my reception and I enjoyed sweets and suffered tea (I am a coffee drinker by habit). One woman asked whether I was the guest-speaking graduate student! Gertrude (or “Gerdy”), our matriarch (but nothing like Catherine de Bourgh or Lady Denham), made me so lopsided with compliments that I was subsequently balanced through Greenish outpour in Gainesville’s Mega Comics, where I spent the last quarter of my afternoon. My only regret is that our next meeting is two[-many] months away!


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  1. Hey! Sounds like you are starting up a nice new Florida Clique. Do the Great Lakes seem not so Great now when you have an even larger body of water nearby?

  2. Hey pal. I miss home (as the GL will ever be) more than ever; – not the unemployment parts, of course, but the appropriate Weather (it is far too hot here) and you guys, my select group of friends. The ocean is overrated. Lake Michigan’s beach is prettier, and you can even accidentally swallow the water in it (as I’ve often done swimming there) without regurgitating the blackest bile. There’s no clique down here. No friends yet!, just acquaintances so far.

  3. You mean you haven’t been scuba diving yet? That’s something I’d like to do, but I suppose I will have to settle for my Beta fish in the meanwhile. Is there a way for replies to be E-mailed back? I didn’t even realize that there was a reply. 😛

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