Daily [Heaney]: Slab Calf on a Cold & Cool Countertop

This seems a little crass!

This seems a little crass!

Because I so much enjoy the Poetry Friday blogs I weekly read by Kelly R. Fineman and the 7-Imp Folk, I reckoned I just might as well hop in. For awhile back in Djarum Jack’s Alley I wrote the “Daily [Heaney]”–well aware that it’s pronounced hee-nee–but I failed or forgot to carry it over when I upended the Bloggering Hole. It only so rarely had anything to do with Seamus, but it was with his “The Haw Lantern” when it begun, and I dug the name. Moreover, it was never daily! – but this is my blog. Occasionally I’ll make a hard and fast critique, but today I won’t [I’m at work!].

To[day]’s was lifted from 7-Imp and courteously from Ploughshares, the Lit. Mag. that published Phillis Janowitz‘s “Veal:” 

I love to watch the butcher
wipe the sharp
blade on his
apron stained
with fresh blood. I’m
going to marry him


the side of beef split open
he tenderly spreads
it like a woman’s legs
between smeared fingers
stroking the cold smoothness

from his fingertips
           bloody red
drops on the floor spotting
the sawdust there fluffs of fat
lie covered decently
the meat is red and lean. [Read More]


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  1. Well, hey there! Thanks for the shout-out, and for sharing the Phyllis Janowitz gospel. (I almost said “spreading the gospel,” but that sounds kind of wrong after that poem.)

  2. Hi E., no problem ; ). Your P-Word group (or your neighbors, or maybe both!) was right in sharing their prof’s work. I think the Ms Janowitz is great (she has several published online in Ploughshares). I remember not thinking so highly of my Studies in Verse professor’s colleagues’ stuff, as there is almost an inverse relationship between academics and good writing ;-).

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