Blahggery and the Laptopless Me [sigh]


Yikes! My laptop'[wa]s MIA for both this past and coming week (with most lofty regards to yon gods of technology; [spit in my palm and lick saltrock – *rain dance*]). My weekend wasn’t very productive. I read and began my review of Kaoru Mori’s Emma (1) for The Graphic Classroom, and – well – I frankly did a lot of yardwork. I was taken with the opening ceremony at Beijing and I have been halfheartedly watching the Olympics, although I am most proud of completing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s ‘All Ghillied Up / One Shot, One Kill’ segment on veteran difficulty – finally.

I am working not-so-diligently on my graduate portfolio; rather, I have been painstakingly second-drafting (“black-drafting” because it is written in a black moleskine notebook, as opposed to the initial scrawl in the brown) “The Hangman.” Some of the science behind late nineteenth-century capital punishment is mesmerizing. I hope to ship it off to Space and Time and others by the end of the month; my stuff for Ploughshares et al. is ready to be mailed, but I wait for submissions to open-up.

I picked up Doggerel again. Sometime this week is its Yearlong and I’ve still so much to go. The rough storyline is seeded in the depths of me but I’m still a tad too sore over my Dog who inspired it. Oy.

Remember [sigh]:

  • Submit Emma review to TGC.
  • Begin The Dream Hunters for TGC.
  • Pick up Harry Potter 6.
  • Pick up The Explosionist.
  • Contact my letter-writers with a [crossyourfingers!] complete portfio.
  • Work on “The Hangman”.
  • Get ahold of Mega Comics re: Free Comic Book Day.
  • Brainstorm with some of the local JASNA for a 2009 AGM Panel

Which reminds me. Vic (Ms. Place) from Jane Austen’s World / Today & Laurel Ann from Austenprose (and Jane Austen Today) were plugged in the most recent JASNA Newsletter. Go JASNA. I knew Jane was a 21st Century girl.

And elsewhere –


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