Slash Fiction, CryptoZooey #1, and Fun with Microfiche


Oh-gosh. Where-oh-where have I been!? Tropical Storm Fay is where I’ve been (not literally), laptopless, and randomly working on Doranchorn. I’ve a little something-something to say on the structure of the scratch-draft, but less and less time to say it. A couple things:

CryptoZooey #1
CryptoZooey #1

My review of CrpytoZooey #1 appeared Thursday on The Graphic Classroom. Here’s a teaser:

Steve Troop’s art is, IMHO, reminiscent of newspaper strips like Calvin & Hobbes. I say this because Zooey looks, well, like a transgendered Calvin. But the degree of detail he inks into the background, into newspaper clippings and wide-panel haunted scenery, is just great. The expressions are hilarious and the bubble-logue ingenious (or, at least, super cute [refer: Jackalope]). As an author and illustrator he obviously enjoys his craft, and the paneling — albeit busy — never seems like it were tediously done: it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which means that there is abundant tomfoolery and good stuff – like the sound of thunder! KRAKATOOOOOM!
I threw together a blog for the Bradford Library Teen Program, which I post to every day (and I have a huge amount of readers … – because, well, I set it as the homepage on all of the Teen computers). The other day, I found an old newspaper article titled “Man Dumped Into Sugar Kettle.” Check it out.

And finally, on Neil Gaiman’s Journal, the WebGoblin wrote/quoted something laugh-out-loud worthy about Slash Fiction:

“Lastly, for those who wrote to ask what the “slash” in yesterday’s entry meant — and, honestly, I suspect that questions like that are just trying to egg me on — I give you Mr. G writing on April 10, 2002:

…..slash fiction is basically erotic fan fiction, normally TV series based, pairing off two (er or more I suppose) members of the same sex who don’t normally couple for the cameras. From the “/” mark in the middle of “Kirk/Spock” or “K/S” fiction, which is where it all started. (“But Spock,” said Kirk, huskily, realising, finally, irrevocably, what his true self had been trying to tell him ever since the beginning of season one, “it’s so huge. And it’s green.” “And it would be logical for you to… touch it, Captain,” said Spock. And so on. It’s normally written by extremely nice ladies. I have several very sane, respected, and respectable friends who write slash fiction, and do not try to make me read it.)”


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