Dorian Gray, the Comic [?] & Jane Eyre, the Musical [!?]


Inordinately and comically busy, what with the Library’s Great Pumpkin Escape, the Why Waste Good Technology on Science and Medicine? open-gaming event, and planning November 15ths O-GE in honor of the ALA’s first annual National Gaming Day. Oy.

I will be attending the Gainesville Community Playhouse presentation of Jane Eyre: The Musical (what!?) sometime in this next week, [even though it’s no secret that I harbor ill-designs for all of the Brontes]. It’s morbid curiosity, honestly. I want to hear a powerful rendition of Rochester!, Rochester!

My review of the Marvel Illustrated: The Picture of Dorian Gray appeared at The Graphic Classroom last week.

Here’s the thing: the adapted Dorian Gray is really remarkable, but having the real horror of Dorian’s world brought from a monochromatic page to striking visuals – pertaining to suicide and murder (and the disposal of the body) – makes it awful poignant. I’m all for relentless gore and I generally root for the bad guy, but there is a panel in which a man hangs himself simply because he once associated with Dorian Gray, and it caught me off guard. It’s not particularly artful and it’s not like he’s disemboweled, but it is pretty sad.

You can [and should!] read the full review here.

I vow to post here regularly this month. By all means, send me hate mail to keep me on track.


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