See You in the Bronx (GIE Conf. at FordhamU) and Other Stuff


At the tail end of January, I am meeting up with my editor Chris Wilson somewhere in the Bronx at Fordham University. Our proposal (“Making a Case for Comics in the Classroom”) was just accepted as a 70-odd-minute workshop – yow. Here is what Diamond Bookshelf has to say about the GIE Conference:

On January 31st, FordhamUniversity’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) will host Graphica in Education: Graphic Novels come out from under the Desk, a conference to discuss a pedagogical approach to the use of graphic novels and graphica in K-12 classrooms.

The event will feature presentations and workshops on different aspects of graphica and strategies for how to incorporate it into the classroom. Confirmed speakers include James Bucky Carter, Ph.D., assistant professor of English Education at the University of Texas at El Paso and editor ofBuilding Literacy Connections with Graphic Novels: Page by Page, Panel by Panel (NCTE); Dr. Michael Bitz, Ed.D, founder of The Comic Book Project and author of forthcoming books Manga High (Harvard Education Press) and When Commas Meet Kryptonite (Teachers College Press); and John Shableski, sales manager for Diamond Book Distributors with a focus on the independent bookstore market, public and school libraries.

Evidently, there is nothing yet on the Official Agenda, but I’d rather present in the late morning. After-lunch presentations get crowded-out with drowsy and stuffed-up pinatas of people, whereas, after dark, one becomes more and more aware of the better things he or she could be doing. There is a science to it, I swear.

Yesterday, I attended an afternoon session of the FLYP (Florida Library Youth Prgoram) conference in Gainesville and subsequently gouged out my eyes after several hours of boredom. I hate to say this of my peers and betters, but Honestly, don’t read your presentations straight off of a PowerPoint. I was inclined to strangle someone with my sweatervest, just to liven things up. 

I did get to sit through a preview of a Graphic Novel Core Collection program, which was pretty fun. I whoooped at a bunch of the titles (the other Librarians were all Ooh, Aah – but I’d gotten to read the most of them years ago. I hope they’ll like them as much as I did). 

I met a new author there, but I’m sorry that I can’t remember her name. I asked the Reference at the Alachua HQ and hope to say more in a little.

I read Batman RIP. I won’t spoil it (yet), and I am working through Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, which is greatsofar. 

I am not feeling too particularly social outside of work, which I suspect is some biological rebalancing against my inner debutante to keep me productive. So to my gang: I hope it’s not coming off as a slight! For the meantime, unless it’s real low-key, it’s going to be hard to get me excited to mingle. I am in crowds all day. But I appreciate the invites, anyway :-).


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  1. Hey, I’d send you some graphic novels from Korea via International Post, but they mostly are all in Korean. If you are looking for something let me know. For now, I will continue my search for exciting ENGLISH titles.

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