ELFs – Dante, Dali, Dore & Austen


For one reason or another, I am feeling mortal.

112 Therefore I think and judge it for thy best
113 Thou follow me, and I will be thy guide,
114 And lead thee hence through the eternal place,

115 Where thou shalt hear the desperate lamentations,
116 Shalt see the ancient spirits disconsolate,
117 Who cry out each one for the second death;

118 And thou shalt see those who contented are
119 Within the fire, because they hope to come,
120 Whene’er it may be, to the blessed people;

121 To whom, then, if thou wishest to ascend,
122 A soul shall be for that than I more worthy;
123 With her at my departure I will leave thee.

I suppose I most recommend Longfellow’s translation of The Divine Comedy, which you can read – if you feel so inclined – in multiple versions online thanks to the Electronic Literature Foundation (ELF). That said, check out their project on Jane Austen. Longfellow has a better knack for the poetry of it, I think; moreso than the literal translations you must digest in school. Just like Heaney’s Beowulf. Solid.

There is also one hell of a digital gallery at ELF, checkout Salvador Dali’s “Cerberus” (I didn’t know this stuff even existed! – horrifying):

Salvador Dalis Cerberus

Salvador Dali's Cerberus

or Gustave Dore’s “Souls of Paolo and Francesca”

Gustave Dores Souls of Paolo and Francesca

Gustave Dore's "Souls of Paolo and Francesca"

I just Amazoned me a copy.

In other news, Happy Birthday Mrs. P.


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  1. Yes the Divine Comedy was produced back in the 1960’s as a set of 101 lithographs. Many copies have been made since then and you have to be careful when buying them. I can answer questions about them if anyone is interested.

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