Inaugural Tourism


I am indifferent to announce that since this last Sunday I haven’t done much of anything.

I think I ought to document (before I forget) my inaugural weekend as a Floridian tourist (this is months and months since I first moved here) with Kristen R. in St. Augustine. She’s a blast. We ambled around Old City – I am an ambler; I much rather lay against a tree (which I did) dropping eaves than gander at artifacts (which I did) – for the better part of the afternoon, stuffed our gut on the second-floor porch of some real tavern turned faux-tavern-restaraunt (French Dip & beer), rolled down the hill at Fort Something-or-Other, and took the trolly ghost tour. 

I finally got to see the Atlantic Ocean as it should be – in pitch night and warm out.


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