What Jane Could Never have Guessed


Partly to prepare for Gainesville’s next JASNA get-together (but mostly to stimulate this sort of writerly lull in me), I am going to take a note from the Reading Jane Austen blog (whose link I haven’t around right yet) and intermittently write on eReading P&P. It won’t likely be very aesthete, because I find myself a very unenthused academic – but it should be loads of short-bit fun.

So I am less than a full-day into my 2GIPod-Touch (dubbed Bad Apple) and I am swooning. I find her convenient and intuitive, and I am taken with the Stanza & eReader apps – neither of which can compare to the Kindle – but with catalogues of free classics (including everything on Project Gutenburg) I should be one hunky-dory dorian. I fully intend to exploit this power by secreting in this all my lit. trash I am at that moment embarrassed to admit reading.

I am also pleased with the Pandora app, which is smart internet radio – I drummed in Tom Waits, and after guaging which Tom Waits songs I preferred, it throws my way Alvin Youngblood-Hart’s Illinois Blues – and, all in all, I am finding myself hardpressed to tear myself away. 

Jane could never have guessed that her novels would be read in a palm-sized screen. eReader allows for highlights and notes, but hasn’t the access to the free Project Gutenburg text – so I am torn.


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