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I read through the grapevine that The Graphic Classroom was plugged in the school-library journal Teacher Librarian, reading: “Web 2.0: The growing popularity of blogs such as The Graphic Classroom, http://graphicclassroom.blogspot.com, has provided a way for people to easily share reviews and favorite web sites about age appropriate materials for young people.” — which makes me want to mention (I am sure I have before) that I am really pretty impressed with what Chris Wilson [editor] is achieving through his reviewsite. And although it is [for some ungodly reason] in the shadow of godawful reviewsites like No Flying, No Tights, I am watching for it to take off.

I think [I think] the issue may be that it is geared toward a niche audience, or maybe because it is a blog it is somehow less-worthy than NFNT‘s messy code, which–maybe like Bookslut–earns it status as an eZine. The Graphic Classroom’s multiple talented authors are thorough reviewers (academic in length and structure), and Chris has some well-earned sway among some of the early-reader/ya graphic marketers: it might not be too hard (although it’d certainly be more time consuming) to wrangle authors and illustrators in and interviewed, reports on major industry events (we already do that, but they aren’t gathered in–say–their own corner of the site, but intermingled with the steady stream of reviews).

Using Bookslut as a model and looking through the TGC archives, there are enough reviews, op-eds, features and suchlike, including the obligatory links, Chris’s killer graduate study, archives organized by recommendations, and so on to situate and usurp a NFNT’s position in the YALSA Recommended Websites list. IMHO


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  1. If it’s any help, I rather agree with you. πŸ™‚ The only reason I haven’t just put NFNT in suspension is that people still use the content, but believe me, I’m the first to critique it’s out-of-date-ness (and horrible code.) FYI, we are still working on rebooting the site as a blog/magazine site, but I am frequently embarrassed by its current state. Having a full-time job and working on a million other things (books, articles, etc.) haven’t helped fix that problem, but just so you know, I feel exactly where you’re coming from. Happy to be usurped, though hopefully someday I can come back and give you some worthwhile competition.

    • — foot-in-mouth : – ). While I am not a fan of NFNT (read: the reviews are square, I just have no idea how to navigate the damn thing), I am completely in the minority. When I first began ordering Graphics & YA Material for the library, NFNT was on the short-list of idea sites, not to mention you have been mentioned in all the FLYP (Florida Library Youth Program) pamphlets / booklets /other-medialets. NFNT has dominated the resource-for-teen-librarians shortlists for the last year plus. Graphic Novel Reporter seems to be swinging into your place; I first heard of them at the Graphica-in-Education Conference, now I see them everywhere.

      Of course, I don’t really have room to talk. TGC isn’t my reviewsite, but I’ve written reviews; my full-time job and family has gotten in the way of that (and even blogging) for several months. I have tremendous respect (however) for Chris W., who has done a lot for legitimizing comics in the classroom. Plenty has been said on your behalf too.

      So, anyway, while I don’t take back my comments about NFNT, I did want to make it clear that my animosity is only surface deep, and–while I THINK I heard you were a teen lib. yourself (or something, did I make that up?)–NFNT is still lauded over at YALSA. Kudos.

      Your a killer sport, too.

      • Really, not a problem! It’s a very valid criticism, and I just wish I had either the time to learn how to fix all the code myself or the funding to pay someone else to make it all work. πŸ™‚ And yes, I understood that you were taking issue with the design, which as I said — I totally agree with.

        I agree GN Reporter has quickly become a great site. (Of course I occasionally write for them, so perhaps I’m biased.)

        I am indeed a teen librarian, but I think there’s SO much more to be done with GNs in the school sphere and I am really not the person to do that (in that I have little practical experience in a school setting).

        Anywho, no hard feelings at all. πŸ™‚

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