The Townhouse [Week 1]


I thought I might chronicle (half-assedly, admittedly) Kristen’s & my venture into [re]indepdence: it is her first side-step into the world outdoors, and–as you know–I’d become a statistic when I [newly graduated and jobless] moved-in with the folks out-of-the-way in Florida. I intend to post some photographs of the place when we have things a little more situated, but, so far, we have a semi-complete Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Office; the townhouse is small, but two stories and cozy. You’ll see.

The Explosionist
The Explosionist

I finished reading Jenny Davidson‘s The Explosionist – a smart and intuitive read; paced well, a semi-episodic detective trick — I learned a dash of history precisely because it is alternate in The Explosionist‘s Edinburgh; and I subsequently tore down the heavens when it ended on a cliffhanger, prepared to loose on JD all the fury of the world until it occurred to me that, if so, I would never learn what happened after.

Lucky her.

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  1. Well congratulations and good luck in finding a job. Love your blog’s new look, lol. This template has some really cool features, the least of which is a restful atmosphere, but I am curious to know what you think of the widgets. Sometimes I get so stymied, I just give up.


    • Glad to hear from you Vic, I was sort of afraid that because I’d gone for some time and had subsequently been saturated by Jane for awhile, that I missed out on the small WordPress community I’d enjoyed awhile back. This is my favorite of the free templates: I think it looks smart, relaxing, easy-to-navigate, and [most importantly] not bloglike. It could pass as a website-proper if it had to. The widgets are great in terms of ease, but their flexibility is limited because of the–even though simple-seeming–two-column structure of the blog. I actually bought space at so I could sort of liberate myself from it — it is a WordPress-based blog, but when you install it yourself you get some freedoms. The only problem is that it takes a lot longer to setup.

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